How To Install Kodi on Roku "Complete Step-by-Step Guide"

Today I am gonna tell you about how to install Kodi on Roku? So before starting it. Let us just firstly know what is Kodi and what is Roku?

What is Kodi?

Everyone likes watching movies, TV shows as well as their favorite sports shows. Well, Roku Kodi is the software Which gives you the access to watch all this on your Windows, or Mac or even IOS and Android.
This device also helps you to store media and plays it whenever you demand. Kodi can be installed by anyone in their Windows, Mac or IOS as well as in Android and in other streaming devices also. Which means it is an open software.

Working of Kodi

To work Kodi, an additional file is required which is Kodi Add-on. This file is required to stream videos on your devices. Official Kodi add-ons are there which are listed in the official repository of Kodi. But generally, a majority of these add-ons are either geo-restricted or requires the paid subscription.
But with the help of Kodi VPN, you can bypass these geo-restrictions. Kodi also has third-party add-ons which stream copyright materials, like TV shows, live IPTV, live Sports and live movies. These third-party add-ons provide you stream from torrent and other movie websites. Anything or everything can be streamed by installing these add-ons.

Why use Kodi?

Kodi is a home theater software, Which means wonders can be done with Kodi. If it is used in right way. Different type of media can be streamed by Kodi like videos and music files.
It can also stream HD content as well as 3D movies. And when it comes to movies and TV shows it has lots of offers. Like the most popular add-on that is convenient-Kodi. This add-on shows free TV shows and movies easily.

What is Roku?

Roku is just similar to Apple TV. Yes, it is a set-top box. It streams popular streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon videos, Hulu, and others. It needs mainly internet connection to stream content from these services.
Roku is considered as a cord-cutting solution by its users. But you need to subscribe these streaming applications to watch content on Roku.

Use of Roku

After subscribing stream services like Hulu, Amazon videos, Netflix etc. Roku brings them together for you under one roof. All the content from these services can be watched through Roku. At many points, Roku is similar to Kodi. Like Kodi, Roku can also stream media files. Not only watching movies and TV shows is a part of Roku.
But you can also play many popular games which are free or even paid. Like Angry bird, Sudoku etc can be played through it. When it comes to entertainment, Roku is the perfect package.

How Roku works

It is very simple as well as easy to set up Roku. And even simpler to get streaming channels. Roku can be set up on your TV by just following these simple steps:
Step-1: Firstly connects the Roku device to your TV.
Step-2: Than you need to connect Roku to any internet or WIFi.
Step-4: Now you have to launch Roku in your TV and it is done.

How to download Kodi for Roku?

Although Roku is a versatile device. But still, it didn't support nor install Kodi App on its device. The reason for this is that Kodi uses third-party add-ons and also unofficial add-ons which are technically illegal to install on any device.
That is the reason that Roku has barred Kodi from its streaming device. But you didn't need to worry at all. Kodi can be easily installed on Roku by using the method of Screen Mirroring. Windows and Android device can mirror their screen on Roku device. And guess what? Now, You can view all the content for free.

How to get Kodi on Roku using Windows PC?

To install Kodi on Roku is the simplest by using Windows PC. The entire set up can be completed in just t few minutes. It will be over even before you know it. To install Kodi on Roku using windows PC, you need to follow the following steps:

Step-1: Open your system and then select start menu.
Step-2: Now go to windows search bar, and search for ' device settings'.
Step-3: For adding a new device, select the option of ' add device'.
Step-4: Now from the provided options select Roku-3 as your streaming devices.

After following all the steps mentioned above. A purple screen will appear on your Roku-3 screen.
 This purple screen signifies that you have successfully installed Kodi on Roku. Now you can simply mirror the content from Kodi to your Roku Devices.


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