Cookie Clicker Game – Achievements, Upgrades, Unblocked, Classic, Beta {Hacks,Features}

Cookie Clicker Game – Achievements, Upgrades, Unblocked, Classic, Beta
Hey, lovely gamers! We are here to discuss to you about the latest trending game in the play store which is flooded with more than a million downloads till now. The Game is COOKIE CLICKER.

What is Cookie Clicker?

The app is a casual game where you all need to do is to keep on tapping the cookie on your screen as many times as you can.
I am a Cookie God and you too can become a Cookie God by baking as many cookies as you can.

The one of the best game for a foodie!
This is a call to the entire cookie lover all over the world that the most exciting Game Cookie Clicker is now available for Android,  iPhone, Ipad and also PC.

So, just blast your mouse click with this yummy Cookie Clicker game!
The game is infinite and addictive just like Candy Crush, Temple Run, and Subway Surfers but this time the RedBit Games made it more focused toward the food lovers all over the world.

The Game is very simple and can be played by any age groups it will not fail to attract you with its endless limit.
So, Play the Cookie Clicker Game for free.

All you need to do is to keep on tapping the biggest cookie on the screen, as a result, you keep on baking more and more cookies.
The more you tap, the more you bake the cookies.

Cookie Clicker hack

And with the increase in a number of tasty cookies in your box, you can shop for various upgrades to bake uncountable cookies for you!

Cookie Clicker Game  Upgrades

  • ·         Autoclic
  •       Powerclick
  •       Grand Ma
  •             C-Robot
  •             Cookie Farm

……… and many more interesting upgrades to make it easier for you to bake cookies.

All these upgrades will consume the cookies you bake by tapping and also it shows the number of cookies you tap in a second.

This data keep on updating at regular intervals of time according to your tapping speed.
Another great feature of cookie clicker Game Apk is that you can create an account using Facebook and challenge your friends to compete with you.

The score will be updated and you will be rank accordingly among your friends.
There is a weekly leaderboard which helps you to see who’s baking more and more cookies.

Tap as many cookies as you can and became a Cookie God too.
This is the best and yummiest way to challenge your friends and have some fun during the boring hours!

And with the every updates the performances of games are improved and bugs are fixed.
When it comes to the cookie clicker apk specification:

Cookie Clicker Game  Achievements Features

The app is about 40 MB in size and if you are playing it on Android mobile phone than your Google Games Play should be updated. Otherwise, it will ask you to update to the latest versions.

The Cookie Clicker is now available in the latest version of 1.45.15 which has fixed various bugs to increase its performance and user interface.

You can increase your gaming level and proficiency by making an in-app purchase which is very low and affordable.
With every latest update, you will see the stability improvements in the game which makes it more addictive to play for unlimited time.

However, Make sure you are connected to the internet because it may happen that all your hard earned cookies may not update in your scoreboard. So, don’t lose an opportunity and become a Cookie King Now!

What are you waiting for?

Go and download the most addictive game on the list-Cookie Clicker Classic Gamer and spread the love!

Now here are the complete steps to download the Cookie Clicker game on Android.

  1. Visit Google Play Store and search “Cookie Clicker-Redbit Games”
  2. Install the app and open the Apk. If the Android is not updated for games played this application will not run. Update to the latest version and launch the app.
  3. Play and Bake as many cookies you can! And don’t forget to collect all the golden cookie that rains when you reach a peak limit.

The same applies to the iPhone. Follow the same steps and download the Cookie Clicker game from their iOS Store.

There are some Cookie Clicker Hack that you can follow to get infinite cookies within a second. These Cheats will let you upgrade endlessly and get as many cookies you want in a second without tapping for a long time.

This is a working trick and many cookie lovers are blasting the Leaderboard with this trick.

You can change your achievements; Level unlocked and much more by just changing the console while you inspect the game in another tab.

The conclusion of Cookie Clicker game:

There are many games developed by Redbit Games of which Cookie clicker is one of the top ranking game you will love to play. After the success of the Cookie Clicker, the developer launched its another version which is Cookie Clicker 2 game and now you can see many updates and similar concepts games on Google play store to put the boring times on fire. Every game by redBit games are touching the sky and are much loved by the people all over the world. So, Go and Download the game as it will not cost you more than 36 MB of your internet Data which will take you to endless fun!

So, Download Cookie Clicker Now



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