*Wifikill Apk* download for Android

Hello, Friends in this article I will Explain that what is the Wifikill Apk and how its work and Features of Wifikill Apk and all the Steps of How to Download Wifikill Apk.
if you want to use this Apk then you choose the right website Today I will Explain all the Information about the Wifikill Apk.

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Wifikill apk: If you want to control Wifi connection? or want to disconnected other wifi connected devices with your smartphone then this is a right place where you find a great android application called Wifikill apk.
This is one of the best android application to control wifi networks. Wifikill apk also tracks the whole connected device and provide greater management over the connect wifi networks.

Wifikill Apk Download for Android
Wifikill Apk Download for Android

Wifikill apk is an Android application which is basically used for controlling wifi connection over the same network. It is very fast and reliable Android application that provides the special feature that simple wifi control application doesn't provide you.

Wifikill apk is just cut off or kill other wifi connection very easily.It gives you supreme control to ward off or block unauthorize wifi connected networks. In the recent study, People identifies that Wifikill apk is a regular or constantly Android application. 

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How to Wifikill Apk application Works in Android

It is basically search connected wifi devices and you can select the connected device to perform the desired action which is offered by Wifikill apk application interface.Wifikill apk provides very fast and user-friendly interface.
The only one condition for Wifikill apk working is that it But Wifikill apk requires "Root Access" 


Recent update                              29 June 2017

Download                                      50,000-100,000

latest version                                 2.3.2

Require OS                                     4.0 and up

Developer                                       Email destek.technet@gmail.com

Access Permission:

1.Media files and Photos

a)Read the data from your Storage
b)Delete and Reshap of your data


a)Access to your data storage

3.Wifi connection

a)Wifi connection information


a) Vibration control
b) Prevent your smartphone screen to sleep
c) View WiFi connected devices
d) Works with Start-up
Wifikill apk: Wifikill is one of the best tools for control Wifi connection. It gives you the ability to maintain Wifi connection. It can also show connected device ip-address as well.You can refresh and discover the new connection.WiFiKill apk provides some many different options like Preference option, General option, Device list option etc.It also provides very handy and reliable interface for users. It will also have regular updates

Features of WiFiKill Apk:

1.WiFiKill is also supporting Tablets And Smartphone
2.Required Root access
3.Show Wifi network and their Security Type
4.It provides the ability to control Speed Limit and enabling/disabling Internet connection.
5.It also displays the total number of byte transfer between connected device.
6.It also shows traffic use between connected device.
7.It is very fast and reliable.
8.It also has User-Friendly UI.
9.It shows uploading and download speed 

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How to download and use WiFiKill

Note: You have to root your Smartphone First to use "WifiKill apk" Feature.

1. First You need to download "WiFiKill apk" from here and installed to your smartphone device to use WiFiKill apk.

2. After successfully downloaded "WiFiKill apk". You have to Grant Root permission to WiFiKill apk or Grant Superuser request for Wifikill run.

Wifikill apk download for Android
Wifikill apk download for Android

3.Once you provide root access permission you are free to use all feature of WiFiKill apk.It will show all connected Device with their IP-Address. 
you can also refresh or re-scan for display newly connected devices. 

wifikill apk for Android free
wifikill apk for Android free

 4. Now you have to select which connection you have to kill, you just simply click on the desired connection's IP-Address or you can also apply the desired option to the selected connection.

how to use wifikill apk in android
how to use wifikill apk in android

Wifikill Apk Updates

WiFiKill apk is the one of the best application which I ever have.The best thing about WiFiKill apk is that continuously provides updates that make it more reliable and bug-free.
It also supports all type of OS version.You just need update and install the latest version of "WiFiKill apk"

Wifikill Apk Updates
Wifikill Apk Updates

Note: If You have face any problems related to" WiFiKill apk" You are free to drop your query in the comment section.

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