*Sarahah Apk* All About Sarahah Apk Free Download

Sarahah Apk  Hello, Friends Today I am going to tell you what is the Sarahah Apk, in this Article, I am describing all the information about the Sarahah apk  
Sarahah apk is a social media(messaging) android application which is now days become so much popular among people who use social media application.
So every people want to Download the Sarahah apk for Android and iOS. Google tricks game

*Sarahah Apk* All About Sarahah Apk
*Sarahah Apk* All About Sarahah Apk 

Sarahah Apk download for Android

Sarahah Apk is messaging application which sends a message anonymously to the connected friends. The receiver side doesn't have sender identification.
 The sender identification is totally anonymous or secret from the receiver. The receiver Can not reply to the messages but they can only read the message which is in the inbox. 
Sarahah Apk application is used by up to 5 million people nowadays.
Sarahah apk is a simple messaging application having received, sent and favorite window. We can also search the existing user from the search option in Sarahah apk .
There is another option called explore which is not available now but this feature will be next updates.We can also manage profile and upload our profile picture.
There are lots of different setting options in Sarahah apk App which is easy to manage your account, change the language, privacy, etc. 
Sarahah apk basically is a simple messaging android application which doesn't require much space as well ram.It is developed by ZainAlabdin Twafiq, aged 29.
 In few month it becomes one of the favorite social messaging App.Most of them were getting a nice comment because this application sends messages anonymously.

Sarahah Apk download

you can easily Download the Sarahah Apk many peoples are already using this Application.Peoples are putting Sarahah app link all over.It also comes in two languages which are
English and Arabic with good UI. This application is helpful to express their feeling anonymously and hide their identities.The user is free to send their message.
We can simply create a new account with unique id and password with this unique id and password we can easily sign in to sarahah account. 
Sarahah apk is also developed motivation by getting anonymous feedback.We can also share this application with friends. But it may create some circumstance for people and misuse this application. 
There is an another option for the location which is access device location.

Sarahah Apk download for Android

Sarahah Apk download for Android
Sarahah Apk download for Android

Sarahah Apk Download for Android The Sarahah Apk application is not only for Android but also for iOS. We can also delete sarahah account easily. 
This is the best application for private way messaging.This is also discovered strength with feedback.It is basically run by three people.In Arabic language sarahah means honesty.
It is nowadays more popular than Facebook and Snapchat.It is downloaded by 5 million people.
In this application, user can send a direct message to connect friends.ZainAlabdin Twafiq's said that "motive of this application is employees can freely and anonymously share their opinion to seniors
Sarahah Apk is available an iOS store and google play store.This app was launched in February 2017 as a website, after it gains popularity 
it officially launched as apps.After launched in a month it got more popularity in Egypt and Arab.This application is available for more than 30 countries.
It's gets regularly update for minimizing bugs.This is an application which is shared message to the friends. as well as enemies.Sarahah Apk is about 5.5mb only.
This is an easy way of communication between connected friends anonymously.So you can easily communicate with friends with the Sarahah app 

Download the Sarahah apk for Android

Want to Download the Sarahah Apk for Andriod smartphone then you are in right place here you can download the Sarahah Apk Latest Version For Android phone and 
you can use the ultimate features for this Application and enjoy it
Sarahah Apk is popular Apk at present many People Downloaded it Using this app you can send messages to your friends who also use the Sarahah apk
Sarahah Apk is available for Android and iOS so you can use this Application on your Android and iPhone.

Sarahah Apk Latest Version Free download for Android

We can also Share Sarahah apk to twitter and Facebook that gives us to the opportunity to communicate with the larger number of people.With the help of Sarahah apk 
we can directly connect to the friends for free.we can compose or send a simple text message or we can just leave a constructive text message. 
Sarahah apk just hides identification of the users except with their consent.
we can also share our message to the friends so they can view our messages. we can not reply to received message yet but it may be in next update. 
Sarahah apk is just a great application with privacy feature. It is now getting a high rating in google play store.

How to Download Sarahah Apk Latest Version download for Android

You just have to download Sarahah Apk file and install directly to your smartphone.We can register it with mobile number and email id then set our unique passcode. 
It is very easy to share and reliable application. This application gives notification if there is a new message. This application basically provides a great platform for messaging.
 It also has creative and cool loading animation. we can simply log out and switch another different Sarahah account.
we can also provide you fast and reliable downloading speed with virus free and bug-free apk package


We can enable/disable notification Sound and also enable/disable notification preview that gives us greater control.


Sarahah Apk also provides greater privacy option for as appear in search or not we can easily manage it.

In privacy sarahah apk also allow an unauthorized user to post or not, we can enable/disable through setting option which helps to control and manage the privacy.

How to Create an Account on Sarahah Apk:

We can also manage Sarahah Apk account through setting tab.We can simply edit profile information as well as profile picture with change photo option in settings by Take photo and choose a photo 
from storage.we can also delete profile photo by simply click on delete photo option.We can edit your name and your email address as well.we can also change the password very easily.


We can easily search existing user through search tab.you can see their profile photo and directly send them message anonymously. 
The main and advantageous feature of Sarahah apk is anonymous or being secret.


There is 3 different separated Tab for messages like received, favorite and sent. 
The user can only see an incoming message in received tab and the send message are in sent tab and the user can also set or make message favorite so he can easily locate them by choosing and
 by the long press to desire message and make it favorite. It can be a simple Text message or regular message with emoji.


One of the main features of Sarahah apk is Feedback.It makes this application more flexible as we can receive Feedback from friends anonymously.It is a great and fun full Android application.


The anonymous nature of this Android application is a big and main feature people who want to share their feeling and give their opinion by hiding it from another people this makes
it most significant application. The user identification is fully hidden and can't be shared with anybody is one of the biggest factors of its popularity.

Today I am talking about the Sarahah Apk 1.0.07 Download  this is latest version of the Sarahah Apk If you want to get the latest version of this application then you are in right place 
you can easily download the Sarahah apk here Download Sarahah 1.0.07 Apk for Android 

Sarahah application access system permissions:

It  access and read contacts from your smartphone device

Permission for camera

Access the storage

Read data about Networks

It also avoids screen to lie-down 

Latest version application information:

Version                                  1.0.08

Recent update on                 june 28,2017  

Download Size                      5.02MB

Downloads                             10,000,000+ 

Offered by                               Sarahah

Application Category             Social Media Messaging app 

Root                                          N/A

location                                    GPS and network type


Enjoy this social media application with your friends and Send them to message anonymously. Share advice with your senior. For any information, you can free drop in the comment box below.

Looking for new anonymous messaging apk? Sarahah apk is a way to know how people think about you. This application is lightweight and easy to use. 
The icon of sarahah apk is just a simple message envelope and the theme of the sarahah apk is just quite good and simple.But we can't reply message yet.
 You have to try This application at least. This application is not now available for windows but it will support windows platform in next few updates.


The Idea of Sarahah apk basically by the ZainAlabdin Twafiq and his friends which are for fun. Sarahah apk is a messaging application which sends a message anonymously. 
You can also send feedback to your friends and family. ZainAlabdin Twafiq idea of this application is that if someone who wants to share their thoughts and feelings 
he/she easily send a message to them with revealing their real identities. If you want to prevent someone to messaging you can block them easily. This application is now more popular on snap chat etc
Sarahah apk is for anyone and everybody can easily use this application without any problem.
At first, this application was released as a website(www.sharahah.com) with one month is became so much popular so, ZainAlabdin Twafiq finally released it for smartphones.
 Now it has 10,000,000+ downloads. Not only teenagers but all people like this app so much and this application continuously updating their feature and remove bugs which make
 it more flexible and reliable application. It basically allows you to send unnamed messages to friends and families 
This application is not like other social media, we can't reply to the sender as well as we can't know the real identities of the sender.
The Sarahah Apk.Sarahah Apk is most popular Application nowadays today I will show you How to Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk.
If you not using the Sarahah Apk and want to use Sarahah application and you don't know How to Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk then I am telling you the step-by-step process of Create a 
new account in Sarahah Apk

How to Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk 

You can easily create a new in Sarahah app. You can also maintain and manage the different account in Sarahah apk. Sarahah provides the very fast interface to the user.
 You can also login with different account very easily. This is one of the best messenger application that become much popular now a day.
 People like this application so much because it provides anonymous messages to friend and family. You can also easily log into sarahah. 
People easily search for you with your user id.You just simply installed Sarahah apk and make an account on it and you will have all feature of Sarahah.

Easy Steps to Create a New Account in Sarahah apk

Note: Before You create account in Sarahah apk You have to download Sarahah Apk and installed in your smartphone device


Simply open or launch the application Sarahah apk to create a new account or just simply click on Sarahah Apk.

Sarahah Apk Latest Version Free Download for Android

How to Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk 

How to Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk 

Sarahah Apk download for Android 


After that, you have to click on New account or press the New account option As shown in the photo below. 

Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk


After Clicking on new Account option there will be a new window box opened. This is where you have to provide all necessary information of yours. This is basically the main window for creating a 
new account.

Username: where you have to enter valid Name that is provided by Sarahah. If you enter existing Name there will be a pop-up show to "This name already exists".

Name: You just have to enter "Name" that will be displayed to your friends and family.

Email:  Here you have to enter "Valid Email Address". If the email address does not exist there be an error of having of " this is not valid".

Password: Here you have to enter the unique password that is suitable for you and up to minimum 8 letters.

confirm Password: Re-enter your password here. That fully matches with above enter password.

After full fill all the information you just "Agree on terms and conditions".

At last, You have to Click on "Sign-up" button.

how to sign up in Sarahah Apk 

That's all, Your account is created and you are ready to Enjoy Sarahah Apk.

Note: If you face any problem to creating a new account in Sarahah Apk then you are free to drop your message in the comment section. We will resolve your problem.

You can not only use Sarahah application in your smartphone but also use as a website on the computer.

Hello, friends today we are talking about How to Delete & Recover Sarahah account 

if you want to Delete your Sarahah apk account and if you Forget your Sarahah account Password and you want to change the sarahah account password then you follow the 
given steps and you can do it easily.

Steps are given below:-

How to recover Sarahah Account password

Forgot Password:

People may be some time Forgot their Password or may fail to remember their Account Password. In this situation, In Sarahah account You can reset Your password and easily gets a new passcode. 
The Forgot Password is the best way to recover the loss of sight. You can recover it from your valid register email address and register mobile number Sarahah provides 
this process much faster than any other application.
The forgot password is a security policy that's recover you from loss of think no more. People some time may dismiss their password from mind this is totally natural but you can recover it from.

How to use Forgot Password

Step1: At first you have to launch Sarahah apk on your smartphone and directly open Sarahah official website.

How to Delete & Recover Sarahah Account

Step2: After open or launch sarahah application you just need to click or select "Forgot Password" that is Bottum-Lift to your screen. You just need to press " Forgot Password".

This will open a pop-up window for reset your password or change your password through the valid email address and The valid mobile number.

How to Delete & Recover Sarahah Account

Step4: You just have to enter your valid register email address and reset password will send to your email address.

Recover Sarahah Account

Step5: Here you can receive reset the password to your valid email. You just need to check your email address where you get your reset password.

How to Delete Sarahah Apk

Note: IF you face any problem about how to change sarahah account password then you are free to drop to your problem in the comment section. We will resolve your problem.

How to Delete Sarahah Account

: Delete account :

 If you want to delete your Sarahah account. You can easily delete your account. The deleting account will irreversible. You can permanently delete your sarahah account. 
The deleted account can't recover it is totally vanish as your friend and family will not find you through search panel.

How to Delete Sarahah account

You can delete your Sarahah account with "remove account option" in the setting of your sarahah apk setting. Some People may be getting hurt their feeling so they can remove
 their Sarahah account. But this is one of the best application with lots of fun you can use with friend and family.

Note: If you want any other help about how to Delete Sarahah Account drop your message in the comment section. We will resolve your problem.
will Talk about 

How to Download Sarahah Apk free for Android
we are writing about How to Create a New Account in Sarahah Apk and also How to Delete & Recover the Sarahah account
Unlike other Social media application, Sarahah apk has a unique feature of neither has a reply to anyone nor does it expose the user identity. 
This feature makes it most of the popular messaging application.It will also support reply option in upcoming next Sarahah application.
In Arabic, Sarahah means honest or no-lie and it also basically formed for feedback.

In other words: Sarahah provides an honest review and what's other people as your friend and family thought about you. 
This will help you to understand what other people feeling towards you. This application makes you to Share fair thought without revealing your identity.

Free Download Sarahah apk:

  Free Download Sarahah apk:
  Free Download Sarahah apk:

Sarahah apk is totally free for download, You just need to click on the "download" button. This is totally bug-free and error free application package.
You can directly download Sarahah application here for Free. There are few more post here to help to create and step by step use of Sarahah application and 
if you face any problem regarding downloads and overall use of Sarahah application You are free to drop your query in the comment section below:
Sarahah application is the free anonymous messaging application. This is totally free to download. Just need to follow some simple steps to download Sarahah apk.
 This application package is safe and virus free and also very simple to download.

Step1: You just only click on the "Download" button given below:

Step2: After clicking on the download button. you will see a pop-up download to save Sarahah apk to your smartphone. Just click "Save" and Sarahah apk will Start download.
 You can also change save file path to your desires save download file directory.

Step3: After completing your download file. You simply install sarahah apk in your smartphone device.

Note: IF you free any problem to download sarahah apk. You are free to drop your query in the comment section. We will resolve your problem for sure.


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